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My Small World

Growing up my world was scary. I encountered repeated traumas. I watched my mom drink to excess and turn into a monster. My parents fought nightly, the screams reverberating through the walls as I tried to sleep. I was seven when I watched Mom being arrested for a DUI. The world was scary, I was … Continue reading My Small World

Mother’s Day

I had a complicated relationship with my mother When my Mom was alive we didn’t really celebrate Mother’s Day. We would try, but our hearts were not really in it. My Mom struggled with Motherhood. I thought she was selfish and did not love us. Her addiction dominated our life. I never was able to … Continue reading Mother’s Day


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About Me

Hi, I’m Colleen. I became a part-time advocate and freelance writer in 2019. When I’m not writing about issues that Children of Alcoholism and addiction face, I love spending time with my husband and my Australian Shepard.

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