Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 64 if she did not lose her battle with alcoholism. I had something else written out, but as I prepared to post, it did not feel right. It felt too seriously, so instead I decided to share some of my favorite stories of her.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Mom”

Having to walk away.

This was taken at Father Daughter dance at my wedding. This is the moment my Dad chose to apologize that his girlfriend was not there. “ You know __ is sorry that she isn’t here right?” As the child of an Alcoholic I am expert at hiding in plain sight. Covering my emotions when needed.Continue reading “Having to walk away.”

Impacted by Alcoholism Week 1

This piece is part of the impacted by alcoholism series. Impacted by Alcoholism is a campaign to bring awareness to the issue of Alcohol misuse in the United States and beyond. This story and picture was submitted by Darcy Bloom. There’s all the typical childhood stuff; neglect, isolation from other people, wasted money and brokenContinue reading “Impacted by Alcoholism Week 1”

A letter to my younger self

This kid has been on my mind a lot lately. What would I sayto her if given the chance? I am sorry that the adults around you failed to protect you. You deserve so much better. Things are going to get tough, but I promise it will not last forever. You will never lose yourContinue reading “A letter to my younger self”

Complicated Grief

After My Mom passed away, my emotions were complicated. We lost her on a rainy day at the end of June. I still remember the rain on my face, as I ran down the driveway. Running by the ambulance in the driveway. The group of people gathered there speaking in low voices. Walking into thatContinue reading “Complicated Grief”

Breaking Free of Codependency

 Growing up, my Moms Alcoholism set the pace for life. On her good days, things were quiet. Life was relatively normal. But the chaos and dysfunction were never far away.  There is a closeness that comes when people experience trauma together. You get too close. Growing up we spent too much time together. My MothersContinue reading “Breaking Free of Codependency”